The Christian Center was started by a group of Pittsfield businessmen at a meeting in January 1892.  They agreed that some sort of religious work with an emphasis on Sunday School would meet a need in the then Northwest corner of the City. An inter-denominational program grew and prospered to the point where a more formal organization was desirable.  A Charter was issued in 1906 for the “Epworth Mission of Pittsfield, Mass, a nonprofit corporation. The Trustees of the corporation were made responsible. The Epworth Mission developed numerous programs to meet the social needs of the day and hired a full-time director in 1942.  The Christian Center Committee of the then Pittsfield Area Council of Churches (PACC) underwrote the cost of the activities.  Eventually formal responsibility for this programming was transferred to The Christian Center by the Epworth Mission and the PACC during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The Christian Center is the oldest human services organization in the Berkshires, serving our community for more than 120 years.  It is nondenominational.  The mission of The Christian Center is: “Uplifting the community by empowering individuals with dignity, nourishment, and hope.”

The benefits of our Intake and Referral Program are two-fold. First we feed people in need. Second, we teach them how to improve their lives with better nutrition. The societal cost of hunger is huge.

By combatting the dual challenges of homelessness and hunger – and all the concomitant issues of ill health, violence, abuse and neglect – The Christian Center through its comprehensive Intake and Referral Program helps to short-circuit the downward spiral.